DX10 Scenery Fixer V 2 7 🔘


DX10 Scenery Fixer V 2 7

Installation: These files are designed to be compatible with the Scenery Fixer, so only download it to get the full experience. You don’t have to purchase this version, although you will only get the features listed above.

A simple solution to a problem often encountered with FSX. The problem is that you have a noisy engine or a radio noise echo which causes the game to lag with a constant status message of “recording aircraft requesting map data.”
This is the fix.
To disable the “recording aircraft requesting map data” status message during flight, go to the Aircraft Menu, select a specific aircraft type (eg. Airbus A320), and go to Options > Prefences > HUD > Display > Aircraft. There you can select the “No Audio is written if the aircraft is outside the map area” option.

Material Volume is statstically controlled. This feature allows the player to modify the material volume level at which the environment volumetric source will write material as the character moves along the world surface. By default, the material volume value is set to a low value. Larger values increase the level of detail for the scene.
If there are strong visible distortions of the environment, the material volume may need to be increased to avoid flickering. If there is a problem with the environment being visible, try decreasing the value.
The value should not be set too high for a realistic rendering. The material volume will write to the environment at a significant rate, consuming valuable computer resources while not being visible to the player.
Note: This feature is available for all day and night cycles.

To set the level at which material will be written to the day or night cycles, go to the Environment Properties tab and restart the auto-update. On the Settings > Day/Night tab, you will be able to change the default write volume.
Note: This feature is available for both day and night cycles.




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