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a pneumatic actuator typically has two very repeatable end-of-travel positions which are set by using a hard stop, cushion, or shock. electric actuators are also very repeatable and can be easily designed with multiple stop positions.

with new advances in electronics, pneumatic control of multiple stop positions is also now possible although not as precise as electric can be. whether it is end-of-stroke or multiple stop positions, both pneumatic, and electrical actuators can attain the desired position at high speeds.

operation of a compressor may have additional costs compared to electric, but the availability of clean dry air in most facilities is common. {ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],’instrumentationtools_com-box-4′,’ezslot_16′,165,’0′,’0′])};{__ez_fad_position(‘div-gpt-ad-instrumentationtools_com-box-4-0’)};

in addition, pneumatic components often have the lowest maintenance costs, such as when replacing seals, or a whole cylinder for that matter, which is often much cheaper than servicing, let alone replacing, an electric actuator.

the authors are well known experts in the field of pneumatics and air conditioning. the book covers the fundamentals of pneumatic system design, pneumatic circuit design, the use of pneumatic actuators, and the operation of pneumatic systems. the authors have written the book in such a way that beginners can also get benefit from the book. it starts from the basics and gradually advances to the advanced topics, with the help of illustrations. pneumatic systems: principles and maintenance is a must read for engineers, managers, maintenance personnel, and technicians. it provides a deep insight into the design of pneumatic systems and maintenance of such systems. the book would be helpful for students, professionals, and engineers in the field of mechanical engineering.

Unit -II Fluid power systemNumerical derivation of differential equations such as continuity equation, momentum equation, Bernoulli theorem, Equation of momentum, Equation of continuity, Energy relation and energy equation. Natural forces related to fluid power system and energy. Law of energy and use of the energy equation in fluid power and flux valve calculation. Performance relation and power calculation. Laws and properties of oils and their application..Union laws and independent laws of fluid power system. Torque, flux valve, and inertia. Ideal and non-ideal flux valve. Fluid logic operations and logical operations between the flux valves. Fluid power system applications and examples. Oil power system applications and examples. Pneumatic system applications and examples. Gas fluid system applications and examples. Flowchart of a pneumatic system. Comparison of oil and pneumatic systems, Fluidic logic concepts. Advantages and applications of fluid power, Fluidics, coanda effect, Fluidics and pneumatics, Energy transfer: transmitted and flow, Fluid logic: AND and NOR Function, Pneumatic sensors: Interruptible jet sensor, Reflex sensor, Back pressure sensor. Fluid power: principles and applications and practice. 4 hours.
Unit -IV Control and measurement. Pneumatic control, analog and digital pneumatic control. Types of pneumatic control device : Non mechanical pneumatic control. Stabilization control, contingency control, reliability control, speed control and temperature control. Pressure sensors, Hydraulic control device, pneumatic control device: valves, pilot pressure control. Pneumatic control – non-contact type..Digital and analog. pneumatic logic, pneumatic control and pneumatic signal: pneumatic control module, Pneumatic control control valve, Analog to digital conversion..non-contact type. Pneumatic control logic, Pneumatic control control valve, Digital to analog conversion. Non-contact type.

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