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Il-nam decides to make a bed in front of the secret entrance as planned. At lights out, the winning team will come for the grand prize. Gi-hun and Ji-yeong get ready to go to the secret entrance (the same one they had entered through at the beginning of the game), as the players are sleeping. Ji-yeong is unable to get the sliding door open because it was jammed as part of a trap by Sang-woo, Kang Sae-byeok, Han Mi-nyeo, and Ji-yeong. Just then, Gi-hun suggests they use the ladder at the outside of the palace, which was actually a trap that was not previously discovered. As Gi-hun and Ji-yeong climb to the top, the game starts and Il-nam’s team quickly loses. Just before Il-nam’s team is about to loose their lives as Gi-hun’s team has won, a strange light shines over their location. Gi-hun explains to Ji-yeong that her role was to remain hidden, since Il-nam’s team had a higher rank than Team 5. With Gi-hun’s rank, he would be the person to come to rescue them when their condition got worse. Il-nam’s team overhears Gi-hun’s message and they decide to save Il-nam’s life. After deducing what Gi-hun’s plan is, Il-nam’s team quickly opens the trap, to find Gi-hun and Ji-yeong. As Gi-hun and Ji-yeong climb down the ladder, Il-nam’s team has a brief fight until Gi-hun’s team accidentally opens the gates, revealing an army of lights, which proves fatal for Gi-hun’s team. Il-nam’s team begins to gather as the lights attack Gi-hun’s team. Two guards save Gi-hun and Ji-yeong, as Il-nam’s team is about to finish off the remaining lights. Unfortunately for Il-nam’s team, as they see that Gi-hun and Ji-yeong have survived, Kang Sae-byeok and Han Mi-nyeo realize the game is a trap. Il-nam’s team quickly attacks Sae-byeok and then her brother. Just before Il-nam’s team can finish off all the lights, Ji-yeong grabs Il-nam’s left hand, thereby triggering a pair of fangs from Il-nam’s mouth, that had been covered by his dental plate earlier. Il-nam is revealed to be a vampire (a real vampire rather than a movie vampire, as he is a novel series), and Gi-hun’s team saves him in time. Il-nam offers Gi-hun the blood he needs to save Ji-yeong’s life. The first objective of the game is for Gi-hun and Ji-yeong to give Il-nam the blood to save Ji-yeong’s life. The sacrifice would be worth nothing if Gi-hun loses the game. After an uneventful first round, Gi-hun’s team wins the second round after Il-nam’s team as they hold a higher rank than Gi-hun’s team. Shortly after, with Gi-hun and Ji-yeong saving the life of Il-nam’s team, Il-nam’s team is down to eight. In desperation, Il-nam’s team begins attacking the lights, killing the lights they should have been saving, to play by the rules. But Il-nam is fearful of the kind of fate that may await his team.

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The player sends bonuses to the games and sends their bonuses in either candy, food or accessories, depending on what the player has collected. During the game, players can spend their points to buy powerups that give them weapons and gems that provide more points during the game. Different weapons provide different bonuses in terms of stats such as damaging or promoting growth of their respective gems, and these can be used in a variety of ways to prevent death. For example, a bow and arrow can instantly kill an opponent, and is a more powerful weapon, but after hitting an opponent a few times, it will slowly force them to bleed until they can perform an action.
Il-nam turns on his high powered camera and kills anyone who he detects has the knives, giving the player who has them an easy way to kill without incriminating themselves. He also has the guards kill anyone who tries to leave the competition and anyone who gets violent. As in other games, players can choose their partner. The player who has more points than their partner will become the game’s third. The scores will be sent to a random number generator, which will decide the winner. If they are tied, then the one who had the highest score gets to choose their partner and everyone is sent home.

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