Torrentz is one of the biggest and best torrent search engines we’ve featured. You can search by file type, category, or even tags — everything that exists in a database that can be searched. There’s also an extensive torrent index of popular torrents, movies and TV shows, games and music for you to download. Torrentz makes it easy to find popular and new torrents. The UI is easy to navigate, and it makes downloading torrents a breeze.

ModMyPC’s site has undergone a pretty big rebrand since last time we featured it, but it’s still full of great tools and utilities for your computer. If you’re looking to customize your PC with a fresh install of Windows, download one of their Windows 10 guides before picking up the software they recommend. The torrent sites have saved me so much time, and it’s clear they’ve evolved into a full service. Most of the time, I don’t even know what to say to clients that come into my office needing security advice. This site has saved me in so many situations.

Animesquare is an alternative to Anime-Planet if you’re looking for the latest trends in Japanese culture. This site has over 10,000 anime and manga links for you to browse. They divide their collection into different categories, and search is a breeze. Anyone can enjoy their enormous collection of anime and manga, from full serials and OVAs to short clips and video games. All of their content is added by registered users.

VBulletin is a popular website for all things Windows and Mac. Today they’re using their users to find the best torrent sites. And they’re not doing it to be funny, they’re doing it because they’re new to the game and want to learn. We came across this feature while researching the best torrent sites and found it insightful and useful. If you want to keep up with the latest on Windows, Mac, and Linux, look no further than these sticky forums.


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