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Cannot combine IF statement

I have a table named users, every user has an id and a login-name.
I need to count how many people are online with certain user name.
I don’t know how to combine the 2 if-statements.
FROM users
WHERE id LIKE ‘%20%’
AND loginname LIKE ‘%Hannes%’;

If i try to execute this query, the query returns one result instead of count(*)


You need to use a CASE statement for this.

CASE Expression [

CASE Expression

So you can just add 1 to the count if the user is online, otherwise 0.
SELECT CASE WHEN loginname LIKE ‘%Hannes%’ THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS Online
FROM users

SQLFiddle Demo


@XmlElement setName(“”) not working for Jersey’s annotations

Say, I have JavaBean containing a complex set of objects. I have annotated it with @XmlRootElement(name=”className”, namespace=”namespace”) (and @XmlElementWrapper(name=”subClass”, name=”subSubClass”, required=false)).

Now, if I have to output this complex object, I am using @XmlElement(name=”subClass”) within the object. What I am doing is:

Getting an instance of this object
Taking the name from @XmlElement(name=”subClass”) within the object and setting it to a JAXB property field
Writing it using @XmlElement(name=””)

My JAXB property field is annotated with @XmlElement
Output is:

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