Tibia Bot Ng 8.6 ~UPD~ Keygen


Tibia Bot Ng 8.6 Keygen

***** MECHANICS - PUBLIC *****
I’m creating this tool only for my needs, so I’m not able to support everything from public or may be may be in the future…
1) It needs to work with activated gift-system.
2) It’s pretty slow since It needs to check database 2x every time when the bot is runned.
3) It’s working with only disabled bot-safety-log.
4) I need these 2 features activated in crack for now for win8 and win10:
*******Additional features:
* Enhanced support for the installed crack, this feature works with winxp+
* Enhanced support for the exchanged keys and files, you can generate key from crack or get key from bot
* Chat relay to the original owner of bot
* Add support for the whitelist of IP (IP ban and blacklist…) (www.ip-hide.co)
***** CONTENT *****
* It’s include.txt and.bat files with all command.
* You can select which file/folder is uploaded to server and where you want to save the file and how you want to rename the file/folder.
* If it’s important for you, you can get my terminal where I make these command or you can modify the scripts (see how you like).
* There’s nopefile, only file is to save the payment.
* Whitelist feature needs to use external programe, may be you can find them in Google or in their site, i have to activate them, so i can’t send you a working version of the cracked bot…
* You can do nothing in the crack when you have whitelist and bot safety log disabled.
* You can share custom.txt file with bot.
* You can share custom.bat file with bot.
* There’s a menu to run vbscript, tibia_owner_script_dll and tibia_sender_dll
* And about how you can sell bot, I don’t recomend to do it, since someone can come and edit the code and then sell again, so I’m not responsible if someone can’t even run the crack.
***** TEAM *****
If you want to be in team, ask me about the team or share your mod/crack with me.
If it’s important for


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